How Video Games Demonize Fat People
The Outline
Finalist, Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism, 2019
"America’s most pervasive cultural product rarely treats its audience with respect."

Web Safe 2k16
"Snouts always looked distinguished. I’ve told you this before, how they prick the evening air or hook into a snarl. And paws, my god, earthy—battered, like old coins."

Swole Without a Goal
Finalist, National Magazine Award for Personal Journalism, 2015
"When I started gaining weight, I didn’t just want to get big: I wanted to occupy as much as space as possible."

Gabourey Sidibe
"What I’ve always admired is the emotive depth of Sidibe’s gaze. Disbelief and insouciance, terror and DGAF—so much is felt, and said, in a flash."

The Year in Thickness
Finalist, National Magazine Award for Essay, 2014
"On love and desire in the time of 'I like them BBW.'"


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